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Aquatica Orlando, a vibrant 59-acre water park, offers a range of exciting water attractions.

The park is designed like a tropical paradise, complete with lush greenery, sandy beaches, and clear water.

The Aquatica map is a useful tool for freely navigating the park and planning your day effectively.

The map is available in various formats, including large print and braille, ensuring accessibility for all visitors throughout the park.

On the Aquatica Orlando map, you can easily locate all the attractions and amenities.

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The Aquatica map showcases all the attractions- water slides, pools, etc.

Some of the park’s most popular attractions include: 

  • Dolphin Plunge is a water slide that takes riders through a clear tube that passes through a pool containing live dolphins.
  • Taumata Racer is a high-speed water slide that sends riders racing down a series of twisting tubes.
  • Roa’s Rapids is a fast-moving river that takes guests on a thrilling ride through the park.


The Aquatica park map does a great job of showcasing all the eating joints throughout the park. 

Aquatica Orlando offers a range of dining options, including fast food restaurants, snack stands, and a full-service restaurant. 

Guests can enjoy burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, salads, and other tasty treats throughout the park.

Amenities Offered

Apart from eateries and water attractions, the Aquatica map points out all park amenities.

Aquatica Orlando offers a range of amenities to make the guests’ visit more enjoyable. 

These amenities include cabanas, lockers, showers, changing rooms, etc.

The park also has a gift shop for guests to pick up souvenirs and other park merchandise that you can locate on the map of Aquatica.

If you are planning to visit Orlando, here is some more essential information to help you plan your visit:
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Featured Image: Aquatica.com

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