Aquatica Orlando Rides

Aquatica Orlando boasts a wide variety of rides and attractions, making this tropical-themed park a wonderful retreat for all ages. 

The exciting range of Aquatica rides will make your heart and adrenaline pump. 

Whether looking for a relaxing day out with the family or an adventurous solo trip, Aquatica Orlando has something for everyone.

In this article, we will discuss all Aquatica rides currently available in the park.

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Ray Rush 

Ray Rush is a family-friendly attraction that combines several elements to create a unique water slide experience.

Riders climb to the top of a tower, from where they plunge down a steep drop, spinning around before being propelled into a manta wing. 

Location: beside Walhalla Wave

Height restrictions: Riders under 48” (1.22m) are to wear a life vest

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls 

Ihu’s Breakaway Falls is a multi-drop tower slide in which the riders go through twists and turns before splashing into a pool at the bottom. 

What makes Ihu’s Breakaway Falls unique is that riders can choose between four different slide paths, each with a different level of intensity.

This is the tallest and the steepest ride of Aquatica Orlando!

Location: beside the wave pools

Height restrictions: Riders under 48” (1.22m) aren’t allowed

Taumata Racer

Taumata Racer Ride
Image: Aquatica.com

Taumata Racer features eight lanes, each designed for a single rider.

Riders lie on their stomach on a mat and race down a series of twists and turns before reaching the finish line. 

The ride is 300 feet (91 meters) long and riders reach speeds of up to 15 miles per hour (24 kilometers per hour) as they descend down the slide.

Location: The entrance tower is with Walhalla Wave 

Height restrictions: Riders under 42” (1m) aren’t allowed

Tassie’s Twisters

Tassie’s Twisters consist of two enclosed tube slides that twist and turn, creating a thrilling and fast-paced ride for visitors. 

Riders board inflatable rafts and descend down the slides, featuring twists and turns, before dropping into a splash pool at the end. 

The ride is designed to simulate the feeling of being caught in a whirlpool, which is where the name “Twisters” comes from. 

Location: beside the entrance

Height restrictions: Riders under 42” (1m) aren’t allowed

Walhalla Wave 

Walhalla Wave
Image: Wikimedia.org

Walhalla Wave is a family raft slide, meaning guests ride down the slide in large inflatable rafts that can accommodate up to four people. 

The slide is 600 feet long and features a series of twists, turns, and drops, as well as a funnel element that adds to the ride’s excitement.

One of the unique features of the Walhalla Wave is that it has colorful LED lights, making it accessible both during the day and at night. 

Location: beside Ray Rush and Taumata Racer

Height restrictions: Riders under 42” (1m) aren’t allowed

Whanau Way

Whanau Way is a high-speed raft ride that takes riders through twists, turns, drops, and tunnels. 

The ride starts with a steep drop that sends riders speeding through a giant funnel before plunging them into a pool below.

Whanau Way is considered a moderate thrill ride suitable for families with children meeting height requirements. 

Location: beside Ray Rush and Taumata Racer

Height restrictions: Riders under 42” (1m) should have a supervising companion, and only riders above 48” (1.22m) can ride alone.

HooRoo Run

HooRoo Run
Image: Aquatica.com

HooRoo Run is a multi-person raft ride that takes riders down a 6-story drop, followed by twists and turns before a final splashdown.

HooRoo Run is known for its high speed and steep drops and is considered one of the more thrilling rides at Aquatica Orlando. 

Location: beside Ray Rush and Taumata Racer

Height restrictions: Riders under 42” (1m) aren’t allowed

Turi’s Kid Cove

Things to do at Aquatica Orlando
Image: Aquatica.com

Turi’s Kid Cove is a dedicated kids’ section of Aquatica Orlando.

The area features several water slides and play structures suitable for children too small for the park’s larger attractions.

Turi’s Kid Cove features attractions like the Slippity Dippity and Walkabout Waters. 

In addition to these attractions, Turi’s Kid Cove also has several shaded areas where families can relax and enjoy a break from the sun. 

There are also food and beverage options available in the area.

Location: beside the wave pools and Mango Market

Height restrictions: N/A. Kids must not be left without supervision

Roa’s Rapids

Roa’s Rapids is a fast-paced river ride that takes guests on a high-speed adventure through twists, turns, and rushing water currents.

The ride is designed to simulate the experience of white-water rapids, with sudden drops and changes in direction that provide a thrilling experience for riders.

Location: middle of the park

Height restrictions: Riders under 48” (1.22m) aren’t allowed

Walkabout Waters

Walkabout Waters is a water play area featuring a large central structure resembling a giant sandcastle. 

This structure includes various water slides, tunnels, climbing nets, cannons, fountains, and other interactive water features.

In addition to the central structure, there are several smaller play areas within Walkabout Waters, including a toddler pool, a lazy river, and a family raft ride.

Location: near Walhalla Wave

Height restrictions: N/A. Kids must not be left without supervision

Big Surf Shores

Big Surf Shores is a wave pool that covers an area of about 375,000 gallons and is one of the largest wave pools in the world.

Big Surf Shores has a continuous wave cycle that produces gentle, rolling waves perfect for swimming, floating or body surfing. 

The pool has a zero-entry beach area that gradually slopes into the water, making it accessible to all ages and abilities. 

Location: near Ihu’s Breakaway Falls and Cutback Cove

Height restrictions: No Height Restriction; a life vest is a must for the deeper areas

Cutback Cove & The Beach

Cutback Cove & The Beach
Image: Aquatica.com

Cutback Cove is a multi-level wave pool that simulates the feeling of being in the ocean with swells of up to 5 feet. 

The waves are generated by a machine that creates a continuous flow of water, and the pool also features a sandy beach area and several lounge chairs for guests to relax in.

The Beach is a separate water park area with a large, sandy beach with umbrellas and lounge chairs. 

Location: near Karekare Curl and Big Surf Shores

Height restrictions: No Height Restriction; a life vest is a must for the deeper areas

Loggerhead Lane

Relax in the lazy river
Image: Aquatica.com

Loggerhead Lane is a lazy river attraction that stretches 1,200 feet throughout the park, allowing visitors to relax and float along the gentle current. 

The river takes guests through lush landscapes, rocky waterfalls, and bridges. 

Visitors can float along in inner tubes or simply wade in the water.

Location: near entrance and Tassie’s Twisters

Height restrictions: No Height Restriction

Note:  If you plan to visit Aquatica Orlando, learn more about the exciting slides and pools in the park. 

The park has a premium Kid’s play area, beaches, and Cabanas

There are restaurant and shopping options in the park. 

When visiting Aquatica, visitors can also enjoy the various theme parks in the vicinity

Tips for enjoying Aquatica Rides

Aquatica Orlando rides offer an exciting array of water rides and attractions for people of all ages!

Whether you are a thrill seeker or prefer a relaxed, calm day out, rides at Aquatica have got you covered. 

In this section, we will mention a few tips to make the most of your time at the best rides at Aquatica Orlando!

Here is the list of tips:

  1. Arrive early: Generally, the gates to Aquatica rides open at 9 or 10 am. 

    It is wise to be present 30 minutes before to avoid typical Aquatica ride wait times! Know more about the Aquatica opening hours to plan your visit. 
  1. Newer ones first: Newer attractions tend to have serpentine lines by noon, so it’s best to cover the newer Aquaitca rides first! 
  1. Bigger ones next: If you are done with new rides, you should do the bigger Aquatica rides next to try to escape long lines!
  1. Take breaks: It is essential to take breaks between rides to avoid any mishaps due to exhaustion; drinking lots of water and applying sunscreen is advised.
  1. Use the virtual queue system: This system has been implemented to help you avoid lines and book your place in the line beforehand. 
  1. Height restrictions, rules, and regulations: Most of the rides at Aquatica have height restrictions to ensure the safety of all visitors. Make sure you check out the Aquatica ride height restrictions before you visit.  All the rules and restrictions are meant for your safety and security.

FAQs About Rides in Aquatica Orlando

  1. How many rides are in Aquatica Orlando?

    As of 2023, there are 13- 15 functioning rides at Aquatica Orlando. 

  2. What is the scariest ride in Aquatica?

    While it depends entirely on your comfort levels and preferences, these few rides can be called the scariest at Aquatica. 

    Ihu’s Breakaway Falls: This multi-drop tower slide features a trapdoor that opens beneath riders’ feet, sending them plummeting down a 40-foot drop at up to 20 mph.

    Taumata Racer: This high-speed slide sends riders racing headfirst down a steep drop and through twists and turns before crossing the finish line.

    Omaka Rocka: This water coaster combines a series of twists, turns, and drops with sudden bursts of uphill acceleration, creating a thrilling and unpredictable ride.

  3. What is the best ride in Aquatica?

    It is hard to pin down one ride as the best ride in Aquatica.  Aquatica has many thrilling water rides and attractions for every one of its visitors. 

    A few of the best rides in Aquatica are:

    Dolphin Plunge: A unique ride where you’ll slide through a clear tube in a pool filled with playful Commerson’s dolphins.

    Ihu’s Breakaway Falls: A high-speed water slide where you’ll drop down a trapdoor and fall down a vertical drop through a tunnel.

    Taumata Racer: A competitive racing slide where you can slide down in a mat headfirst and race against up to 7 other people.

    Ray Rush: A combination ride with a water slide, a water jet maze, and a massive water sphere.

    Roa’s Rapids: A fast-moving lazy river where you’ll drift along at high speeds, passing through waterfalls, geysers, and waves.

    There are so many more best rides at Aquatic Orlando; you can visit them all!

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