Parking at Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica Orlando, a fun-filled water park in Orlando, Florida, features thrilling water attractions, making this a perfect location for a family vacation. 

As with many theme parks and attractions in the area, parking is an essential consideration for all visitors.  

There are three types of parking at Aquatica Orlando:

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General Parking At Aquatica Orlando

The general parking lot for Aquatica Orlando is conveniently located near the park’s entrance and is open to all guests.

Parking at the Aquatica general lot costs $30 per day for standard vehicles.

However, you can often find discounts when you book your parking in advance or when you purchase a multi-day parking pass for Aquatica.

Discounts on parking fees are included with tickets that offer unlimited visits and free parking.

For guests with special parking requirements, such as handicap-accessible or preferred spots, these options are available for an extra charge.

Handicap-accessible parking operates on a first-come, first-served basis and requires a valid handicap placard or license plate for use.

Preferred Parking at Aquatica

Preferred Parking at orlando
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As mentioned, there are several parking lots available at Aquatica Orlando.

If you prefer to park your car in a convenient location, the preferred parking option is the best for you. 

This option places you closer to the park entrance, saving you time as you walk to and from the park.

The cost for preferred parking is $10 more than the general parking fee, adding up to $40.

However, the price for a preferred parking pass changes based on the season. You can find the current rates on the Aquatica Orlando website.

To use preferred parking at Aquatica Orlando, you can buy a pass at the park entrance or online before your visit.

Valet Parking at Aquatica Orlando

Aquatica offers a convenient parking option: valet parking.

Valet Parking service is located near the park entrance and requires an additional fee.

With valet parking, guests can simply drop off their car and proceed directly into the park.

The cost for valet parking at Aquatica varies by season and can be paid using cash or credit card.

Guests should arrive early to ensure availability in the valet parking area.

General parking is included with the admission price to Aquatica Orlando.

RV Parking

Parking at Aquatica Orlando accommodates RVs as well.

The RV parking is located in the main parking lot, with specific areas designated for RVs.

Parking fees for RVs near Aquatica are the same as for regular vehicles, which is $40.

However, this parking fee is not included in the admission ticket and must be paid separately upon arrival.

Please note that overnight parking is not permitted in the Aquatica Orlando parking lot.

For overnight stays, there are several nearby RV parking options available.

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FAQs About Parking At Aquatica

How much does parking cost at Aquatica Orlando?

Aquatica Orlando parking cost is between $25 to $30. 

A spot in the preferred parking lot costs $40; the general parking can be upgraded to preferred parking by paying the difference of $10. 

RV parking in Aquatica Orlando costs $40; overnight parking isn’t allowed.

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